Cast Polyurethane Urethane Rubber Round Rods Suppliers

Cast Polyurethane Urethane Rubber Round Rods Suppliers

Little or no tooling cost
Custom polyurethane rod available on request.
Durometer : Shore 5A -98A- 80D.
Standard color: Amber, Red, Black, Yellow, Blue, Green ,Orange, White, Grey, etc
Maximum Dimensions :diameter:1mm-500mm , length: 300mm,500mm or customized
Tolerance: : diameter +/- 0.2mm or +/-2% whichever is greater ,length: -0/+10mm
Dual durometer polyurethane available
High resistance to abrasion and impact.
Resistant to many chemical compounds
Oil and solvent resistant, machinable

Polyurethane Round Bars are ideal for machining prototype and short run parts. Rods are commonly used for shock mounts, impact absorbers, and low frequency shock absorbers.

Polyurethane Round Bars are also used for guide, drive and pinch rollers and outwear conventional rubber rollers. They are excellent for bulge forming. Rod stock is used for prototype parts like gears, bearings and bushing, and is easily machined to close tolerances.

Metal forming pads
Wear strips
Machinery mounts
Cutting Surfaces
Sound-dampening pads
Chute and hopper liners
Prototype machined parts
Roller covers
Sandblast curtains

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