Polyurethane Urethane Coated/Covered Bearings

Polyurethane Urethane Coated/Covered Bearings

PEPSEN manufactures urethane covered bearings for applications in transportation and sortation regardless of speed or load capacity. Our urethane formulations yield superior bond adhesion between urethane and metal. The bonding system reinforces the elastomer when the resin compound is molded directly to the bearing outer race. This advantage is extremely critical in applications where delamination of the urethane will cause premature failures which can result in higher equipment expenditures as well as costly downtime.

Polyurethane Bearings have the advantages of:

Strong bonding polyurethane rubber
Large scale of cast polyurethane elastomer hardness option;
Many complex polyurethane rubber parts can be molded;
High performance cast polyurethane elastomer can be selected;
Special formulation to fit customers special requirements

*Custom size,hardness and colors of Polyurethane Bearings available

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